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Amesbury Parish Church
The Abbey Church of St Mary and St Melor

We extend a warm welcome to anyone who wishes to seek baptism here at Amesbury Parish Church. You can be baptised at any age, though you are usually only baptised once. While older children and adults can make the decision to be baptised for themselves, for younger children it is their parents and godparents who do so.

Baptism marks the beginning of a journey in the Christian faith and of being part of the family of the Church. It is our hope that, in seeking baptism, you will endeavour to nurture the Christian faith of the person being baptised, whether that is yourself or your child.

Confirmation marks the developing faith of a baptised person. It usually takes place in a special service led by the bishop at the Cathedral and follows a period of preparation, usually in a small group led by the vicar which explores the Christian faith. Traditionally in the Church of England it is necessary to have been confirmed before receiving Holy Communion. Here at Amesbury Parish Church we welcome children to receive their first Holy Communion following a short period of preparation.  

To find out more about Baptism and Confirmation please email Thank you.

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