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Amesbury Parish Church
The Abbey Church of St Mary and St Melor

Bell Ringing

Service Ringing:  Sunday   0915 – 0950


Weddings etc. by arrangement


Practice Night:    Monday  1930 – 2100 (not Bank Holiday Mondays)


Contact:  Tower Correspondent – Liz Wrighton   

The large ringing room is accessed through the Church and up a spiral staircase with 48 steps.

There are 8 bells (tenor 18-1-2 in D) which were completely overhauled and rehung for the Millenium (see photos below).


The bell ringers are a friendly, sociable band of ringers with a wide range of experience. Some started ringing as teenagers but most have learned as adults. As a Tower, they are all members of the Salisbury Branch of the Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers and participate in events organised by the Branch.


Amesbury Parish Church has 8 bells but it is rare for us to have enough ringers to ring them all. At the moment we only have four active ringers, having lost several in the last few years due to some moving away, retiring or illness, and rely heavily on ringers from other towers to help us out. So we are always on the look-out for experienced ringers to join us and for people who would like to learn to ring.

It does take time and commitment to learn to ring but once there it can be a life-long activity and with ringing towers all over the country, where visitors are always welcome, there are opportunities to ring while on holiday or visiting family and friends in this country.

If you are an experienced ringer why not come along to strengthen our team so that the Amesbury bells can be heard regularly again. If you are interested in learning to ring there will be a chance for you here. In both cases you can make contact with the ringers through Father Darren on the church website.

Our practice night is Monday and Sunday ringing is at 9.15am, though, at the moment, neither are happening on a regular basis.

Ringing for the Funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II

Despite the lack of our own ringers we were able to ring on the afternoon of Monday 19th September for the funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II thanks to three ringers who joined us from other local towers. In the end we had seven ringers so we were able to ring the front six bells half-muffled. We rang rounds and call changes for 45 minutes between 4 and 4.45pm. The ringers were Sue Reynolds (Netheravon), Sarah Jennings, Shirley Tizard (both Winterbourne Earls), Peter Stenning, Peter Banting, Jennifer Moffatt and Albert Spreadbury (Amesbury).

Submitted by Albert Spreadbury on behalf of the Amesbury ringers

The bells were taken away to be re-tuned by Whitechapel, then re-hung in 1999 by Nicholson Engineering and local helpers, in time for the Millennium celebrations. Mike Love, Captain of the bellringers for many years, took these photos:

2000 St Mary and St melor bells refurbis
2000 St Mary and St melor bells refurbis
2000 St Mary and St melor bells refurbis
2000 St Mary and St melor bells refurbis
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