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Amesbury Parish Church
The Abbey Church of St Mary and St Melor


The Flower Team consists of local people who volunteer to help on a rota to keep flower arrangements in the church (nearly) all year round. They all come together as a team for Christmas, Easter and Harvest Festival to make the church look wonderful!


It is a lovely opportunity to meet new people whether either of you are church goers or not. Being part of the team does not involve a huge commitment. They meet up once or twice a year to organise the next year and occasionally they decorate for weddings.

Liz Barnes and Carol Nicholls oversee the running of this group, organising the rota, and looking after the finances

Please don't worry about how expert you think you should be. If flower arranging is something you have always wanted to try then contact them and they will be eager to share their skills. 

Please contact the Vicar Fr Darren for more information or to connect with the flower arrangers. Thank you.

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