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Amesbury Parish Church
The Abbey Church of St Mary and St Melor

Fit for the Future

Please give generously to the Amesbury Parish Church.

Our "Fit for the Future" Transformation Programme 

The ancient Abbey Church of St Mary and St Melor, Amesbury’s Parish Church, is a beautiful and historic Grade 1 listed building which is much loved and much visited. But like so many ancient church buildings has the potential to serve the wider community more effectively if we enhance its facilities for the present day and beyond. Our ‘Fit for the Future’ transformation programme has a notional target to raise £1 million to ensure that our church building is precisely that – fit to serve future generations in the community for a range of purposes. The primary purpose of a church building is of course the worship of God and this remains central to our vision; it is embodied in the cruciform shape of the building. Alongside this, making the space inside the building more flexible and enhancing its facilities will both support those who come here to worship and those who wish to participate in other a range of other activities such as quiet days, concerts and recitals, to name just some examples.

The ‘Fit for the Future’ programme has two phases. The first of these, costing approximately £350,000, involves urgent repairs to the nave roof, including replacement of the lead which has outlived its expected 100-year lifespan. Thanks to the generosity of donors in the community, bequests made in the wills of church members, the Friends of the Abbey Church, grants and a £50,000 loan from the Diocese of Salisbury (the maxiumum available), this first phase was completed in November 2020.

Our focus is now on the second phase, in which we attend to the facilities for those who use the church building. This includes making provision for some much-needed toilet and kitchenette facilities, renewing the heating and lighting in the form of more efficient and eco-friendly systems, upgrading our sound and PA system, and replacing the Victorian pews with stackable, lightweight (and more comfortable) chairs thereby giving far greater flexibility for the use of space within the church building. In order to be able to progress this phase of the programme we will continue to fundraise for the remaining £650,000 of our £1 million target. In addition to our fundraising, Church law requires various permissions to be sought for any changes to the fabric and interior of the building and because of its listed status various other consultations will be need to take place over time regarding the proposed improvements.

We will post updates regarding Phase 2 of the ‘Fit for the Future’ programme on this page. You can help by donating, publicising the programme, contributing your ideas, as well as running and supporting fundraising events. If you have any queries please get in touch with us here. Thank you.

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