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Amesbury Parish Church
The Abbey Church of St Mary and St Melor
The Bells of Amesbury Parish Church

There are eight bells in the tower plus one medieval Sanctus bell.  The Tenor bell is 49 inches in diameter and weighing 22 cwt (hundredweight).  This is the equivalent of 1117 kilos or 1.1 tons.


The bells still hang in an oak frame that was originally installed in 1905 by George Day & son of Eye, Suffolk.


They were re-tuned by Whitechapel and re-hung in 1999 by Nicholson Engineering and local helpers, in time for the Millennium celebrations.


The bells’ inscriptions: -



Waist: “I praise god for sergt Peter Harbour, faithful in life and death 1943”.

Other side: “Taylor Loughboro (founder mark) 1945”



Waist: “I ring out in thanksgiving for victory in Europe”.

Other side: “Taylor Loughboro (founder mark) 1945”



Shoulder: “Come at Gods call  1w  1619”.



no inscription but moulding wires in inscription band.



Above the sound bow: “1 Corr  1728”.



On the sound bow: “1 line James Wells Aldborne Wilts Fecit 1810 Chris Ingram & John Waters Ch wardens”.



Shoulder: “Be strong in fayth prayes God well Frances Countess Hertfords bell  1w   1619”.



[tenor]  Shoulder: “Recast by John Warner & sons London 1881”.

Waist: “In holy memory of Annie W Phelps died to live Feb 6 1879  

The Love thou gavest I give to thee with thee I joy, Lord weep with me”.


Ann Ward Phelps (nee Jackson) was the widow of Arthur Phelps, vicar of Amesbury between 1876 and 1901.  She died five years after they were married.

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