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Celebrating Mrs. Jacqueline G. Brick

Updated: Apr 26

In February 2024, we celebrated the long standing dedication to Amesbury Parish Church by Mrs. Jacqueline G. Brick. After many years of service she felt it was time to find a church closer to her home.

Coming to Amesbury Parish Church in 1983 with the relocation of the organ from St. Edmunds (now the Wiltshire Creative Salisbury Arts Centre) to Amesbury Parish Church, Jacqueline and her husband David Brick (died in 2017) were instrumental in the fundraising for the organ. Pipe organs were the couple's passion and they were very eager to see the organ preserved in its new home in Amesbury. The Vicar of Amesbury Parish Church at the time was Rev. Peter Lewis who had a connection with the couple previously.

Jacqueline has been a familiar face to many people visiting Amesbury Parish Church over the years as she served as Acolyte for daily worship services, weddings, funerals, and baptisms. The cross that Jacqueline wears in the photo was one given to her by her grandchildren and she always wore it for her duties as acolyte. She was very pleased to be the first woman server when it was previously a male-only role. Her many roles carried out over the years included the raising of funds for various needs of the church, connections with supporting Sudan (including 35 years of cooking/baking to raise funds), and the church Mothers' Union (Jacqueline celebrates her 50th Anniversary in June 2024).

The legacy of Jacqueline and David Brick will live on in Amesbury as the table top cross in the Church (Jacqueline affectionately calls it David's cross) was donated by her husband shortly before his passing. The yellow pew service booklets were donated by the Bricks and are an important part of our weekly worship. 

Jacqueline will continue to be involved with the Church of England by attending St Thomas' and the Salisbury Cathedral which are closer to her home. She plans on assisting with the polling stations during elections, continue to cook jams (on commission) to fundraise for Sudan, and continuing her daily prayers for friends and family. She will be missed by all in Amesbury, although she does plan on visiting when she can. We sent her off with a canvas picture of the Church and a plant for her garden, along with a card filled with the well wishes of the Church congregation. 

There is probably more than what has been written here, but her dedication to our Church has made a difference to so many people. Thank you Jacqueline, for all you have done for Amesbury Parish Church. 


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